This is a really worthwhile place to visit with children. Combines a cultural experience with interesting facts about peanuts and history of the South. Thoroughly recommend it.
— David | Panama City Beach, FL
This small museum should be on the “Certificate of Excellence” list. Our docent happened to be the director of the museum and really knew her history....The museum might be listed as a GW Carver museum, but it is much more. Our knowledge of black inventors was increased 10 fold.
— Fred W.
This is a hidden jewel! Our guide Kienda did an awesome job. This museum is not just for kids. As a group from work, she talked to us about black scientist, we did a tour of murals and a video of GW Carver...
— Tracie B.

Our history

It has been several decades since this bus station was used as a place of rest and transition for those who were traveling to and from an unsettled and restless south. Back then, "€œColored"€ entered through separate doors, used separate restrooms, drank from separate water fountains and relaxed separately as they waited to begin or continue their respective journeys. Who knew then that this very place, along with others just like it throughout the south, would eventually be the center of the Civil Rights Movement and the South's ultimate transition from hate and segregation to hope and unity.

Since 2000, when Visionary and Founder: Dr. Francina Williams turned what used to be Dothan's bus station into a thriving Museum, The Carver has served as a rich source of African-American History.

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